French Vixen: Amandine Maugy

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It’s been a while since a French temptress graced this blog so it’s with pleasure I give you the diving AMANDINE MAUGY. If you’ve manage to catch her in the short film “Le Hobby”, you’ll see how AMANDINE wields that power to seduce on film. She plays a prostitute who dives headlong into a sexual and emotional affair with a mortician, showing him there’s more to life than death. Her gorgeous, supple body laid bare as she’s in a steamy lovemaking scene (watch the NSFW clip above) that emphasizes an unbridled affair of the heart. She’s a tamer of men as once Carla Bruni aka Mrs Sarkozy remarked; showing the protagonist that without passion, one can never say they truly lived. One of AMANDINE’s most sexually-charged role to date yet manages to maintains a delicate femininity that’s highly appealing. The sexy freckles adorning her angelic face serves to make our eyes wander to the natural exquisiteness that heightens her wholesome beauty. One just has to visit the AMANDINE MAUGY OFFICIAL SITE and see the many photos she’s in, underlining her youthful French chic.

Besides her various acting and modeling gigs, she’s noted for gracing the Chanel Chance Perfume Commercial that harks back to a glamorous era and AMANDINE can be said to have timeless allure in this. She’s also been featured in a clutch of music videos often as the center of attention. While she may await her breakout role, this Parisian Cutie has done adequately to suggest there’s potential in her to rise to the top.

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