Sex Bomb: Erin Marie Hogan

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The pic (above) of ERIN MARIE HOGAN cupping her boobs right away affirms she’s sensuality personified. Lest you think she’s desirable largely due to her seductive pull, ERIN is also recognized as a fine young talent known for reeling in viewers with her vivid character interpretations. “Paranormal Entity” may have cashed in on the “Paranormal Activity” phenomenon but it’s the film that ERIN shone as Samantha, the girl who is beset by a demonic haunting. A scene stealing turn that jangles the nerves of those who’ve watched “Paranormal Entity” (even more so at night with the lights off) has led to quite the number of people raving about her. Regardless of the medium, this bewitching actress makes for absorbing viewing. When we start talking about drop dead gorgeous women, ERIN belongs right there at the very top and therefore a big reason why we should vote her as Playboy Miss Social August. Playboy’s platform to find fresh new faces via social media is yet another avenue to escalate our interest for the vampish ERIN. On the web, she’s in the provocative and bloody series “” as well as the sci-fi meet hash high amusement of “Spacebong Beach Babes”…cue lots of shots of the voluptuous bikini-clad ERIN…:) On television we know her as a stunning sorority girl with dangerous intentions on “Femme Fatales”.

Hot with a capital ‘H’, she’s certainly entranced audiences in a variety of genres and you can check out her extensive work at the Erin Marie Hogan Official Site. An Audience Choice as well as Best Actress in a Drama for her turn in short film “The Confined” highlighted her deftness to convey a trouble psyche. On her plate recently, “Zombies and Assholes” sees her sharing dark-humored duties with fellow vixens Amber Bollinger and Jacqui Holland. Don’t forget to catch her in 2 episodes of “1000 Ways To Die” where people bite the dust in ways too weird to comprehend. A glowing incandescent beauty who has been compared to a mix of Ava Gardner and Christina Ricci, she’s developing into a ravishing performer with a beguiling earthiness.

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