Rising Starlet: Heather Dorff

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Her expressively hypnotic blue eyes are an immediate attention grabber and HEATHER DORFF does indeed prove to be quite the compelling actress in the arena of indie horror. As she once remarked to horror fans everywhere, she could just be under our beds waiting to give us a good scare…that dark humor of hers is so lovable! She herself once went through a rather more grim stage of life and from that experience was born the unnerving short film “What They Say”, a disturbing portrayal of a woman with an uncontrollable need for cutting. Set to premiere at The Chicago Horror Film Festival this September where HEATHER is the esteemed host, the teaser (above) has been called wild and shocking, a foreboding of the psychological terror to come. HEATHER will no doubt impress as Gwen, the complexed, damaged persona who revels in some skin-crawling razor blade mutilation that would make us cringe. It’s also great to see her alongside fellow Scream Queen Kitsie Duncan in “What They Say” as well as the soon to be released “Mother’s Blood”. This thriller of twisted proportions sees HEATHER as Emma, the repressed daughter of control freak Vivian (Kitsie) who traded her daughter’s beauty in order to regain her own after a horrific accident. She’s investing her heart and soul into these features and not just as an actress as she’s heavily involved in the writing/producing side of things as well.

With all the dire material HEATHER has to work with in a majority of her films, off camera she always has a warm smile and ever so welcoming of all her fans. I myself am reciprocating the love by heaping praise on this emerging prospect on the independent scene. You too can do your part by visiting the newly revamped HEATHER DORFF OFFICIAL SITE and will find that she’s easy on the eye as an alluring model. This lovely gal doesn’t shy away from unsettling subject matter onscreen and is showing the world what she can do when tackling such chilling scenes. Success is only a stone’s throw away for this bright newcomer.

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