Blonde Bombshell: Kiersten Hall

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There I was today reading about the Glamorous Leading Ladies of Yesteryear such as Mae West, Kim Novak and Lana Turner who certainly reached the heights of feminine seduction during their time. Evoking the glittering Hollywood Sex Symbols of yore is the stunning actress/model Kiersten Hall who herself has been called a charismatic blonde goddess. If you’ve seen her tempting photos at the KIERSTEN HALL OFFICIAL SITE you’ll be inclined to agree that she could effortlessly belong in the Golden Age Of Hollywood. Emulating the pin-up appeal made famous by numerous starlets of that era, KIERSTEN’s own striking features are spellbinding! Be it her potently seductive eyes or the lusciously bee-stung lips, there’s an old-world heavenliness about her completed by magically fashionable modern day elegance.

Besides being a Video Vixen in singer Steven Kellog’s “Sweetest Goodbye” music video, you may have caught sight of her as a sexy Southerner in the spooky horror flick “Fear House”. In the upcoming “Venice Heat”, a Reno 911/Pacific Blue mashup comedy about Beach Cops, I’m sure she’ll add some extra spice…after all, she’s starring alongside fellow Blonde Babe Jennifer Lyons. While this Hot Actress continues to grow in her craft, there is no doubt that Kiersten has all the divine qualities to transcend being just a pretty face. Her goal in life is to excite people and so far, she’s on the right path to take our breath away.

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