Canadian Vixen: Lindsay Ames

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LINDSAY AMES has such endearingly dreamy eyes that there’s already a likability factor as soon as we ourselves lay eyes on this gorgeous brunette. Her witty sometimes explicit rib ticklers on Funny Or Die as well as on Youtube are a must see and in her words taking the seriousness of life and turning into unseriously funny moments. I believe her sketch “My First Hollywood Audition” (above) resonates with every actress out there who has been at the mercy of casting ‘Professionals’. How many aspiring talents have been asked to disrobe for the camera on their auditions…I’m thinking a high number and LINDSAY literally had to cup her perky boobs to try and snag the role in a coffee commercial. A hilarious take on Hollywood exploitation and perhaps confirming the age old adage that Tinseltown’s Casting Couch does indeed exist! Whether or not that’s true, everyone should know that LINDSAY has been touted as a lady guaranteed to make you hot as her “How to End A Date” webisodes have thus far achieved. This actress/artist/comedienne thrives on being a funny woman who can be sexy in a similarly desirable capacity.

In the upcoming Rachel McAdams/Channing Tatum amnesiac romance “The Vow” be sure to look out for LINDSAY who is likely to gain media attention once the movie is released. Before then, make sure to check out the LINDSAY AMES OFFICIAL SITE for more interesting developments. I can’t wait to see her translate her popularity on the web into feature film success!! If you’re a foodie, head over to GUT FEELINGS as LINDSAY spills on culinary delights she’s encountered; The likes of which we’ll be hungry to wolf down if we happen to be her food buddy. Meanwhile let’s all start savoring the eclectic LINDSAY AMES…:)

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