Hot Brunette Of Summer: Elle Lamont

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Texan actress/model ELLE LAMONT is completely breathtaking when she pulls of the Classic Hollywood Look and there’s a bombshell quality about her that would make anyone swoon. Seeing her sizzle in the red bikini (above) reminds me of the memorable pool scene in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” where Phoebe Cates titillated a generation of impressionable youth. If they ever remade that definitive teen movie, I reckon ELLE has to be a top candidate to reprise Phoebe’s role as the foxy Linda Barrett. Certainly an appearance in a sex comedy would be a departure from the troubled souls she’s been depicting thus far. She went to the extreme as a drug-addled mother seeking revenge on vampires who took the life of her son in “The Devil’s Gravestone. Excellently shouldering the darkness enveloping her character Jaq, ELLE is both beautiful and a tower of strength in spite of her loss as she embarks on her bitter vengeance. Recently she was part of the cast that was awarded “Best Cast Ensemble” Award at the Best Actors Film Festival in San Francisco for their sterling work on thriller “Strings”. Shining yet again as a wife of a perturbed musician whose life turns awry when he seeks experimental help to turn his life around, she conveyed such tenderness, moving audiences at a screening to tears.

ELLE LAMONT is a former Miss Texas USA pageant contestant as well as a Texas Bikini Team National Finalist, hence ELLE’s alluring photos are a must see at her Model Mayhem Page. The gorgeous olive-skinned features of this brown-eyed actress does mean she has an exoticness that has allowed her to be cast as either a Caucasian, Hispanic, Italian, Greek or Native American. Unquestionably bewitching onscreen, she backs it up with plenty of punch and dramatic flair. Watch out for this dazzler of an indie talent as she continues to be rousing in each role she undertakes.

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