Blonde Bombshell: Lindsay Hightower



One of the sauciest starlets to emerge from Texas, LINDSAY HIGHTOWER is establishing herself as a triple threat. Having caught the eye as a buxom cover model and ears as a soulful blues singer, LINDSAY is set to take things to the extreme on film. As Melissa Daniels in the upcoming “The Infliction”, it will be harrowing and gritty as she’s chained up, raped and impregnated by a crazed serial killer. This thriller also sees Bill Moseley as the killer’s psychotic father who drowns his own daughter in front of him, Sid Haig playing against type (he’s surprisingly benevolent in this) and Doug Bradley as an FBI Agent. Kudos to LINDSAY for delving into such an emotionally fractured character who we know is carrying the child of a murderer…this is a far cry from the image we may have of her as a Sex Kitten. One glimpse of her sexy lingerie clad pics (above) is enough for anybody to appreciate LINDSAY’s luscious womanly curves.

She’s shone before in a movie with wicked themes albeit more of a dark comedic twist; Like the titular character she plays in “Killing Holly” who is marked for death by her Hollywood Celeb boyfriend after he gets wind that she’s leaving him. She’s so gorgeous throughout “Killing Holly” and begs the question why anyone would want to off her! LINDSAY is also part of the dance troupe ‘The Boom Boom Kitties’ performing on the last Thursday of every month. She can sure shake her moneymaker and evidently we’ll soon be calling her the Multi-Talented Vixen…:) As much as we are going to be transfixed by LINDSAY’s foxiness, keep in mind that this indie princess can pile on the intensity in her roles.

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