Sex Bomb: Casey Durkin



Quiver in excitement as you behold Actress/Model/Designer CASEY DURKIN who also happens to be a former Miss Los Angeles. Most of us can’t wait to catch her in the parkour actioner “Freerunner” where she’s wonderfully perky in the trailer (above). Exposing her boobs to the contestants involved in a life and death race and cajoling them to enjoy the priceless view (which could be their last) is ironic peep show banter at its best. While the ladies fixate on the athleticism of Sean Faris, we’ll take in the sunny glamor of the attractive CASEY DURKIN for the whole duration of the movie. I read that she’s regarded as a hottie who makes each day progressively better and one possessing the gift to make people smile…her perfectly sexy butt (which she readily admits is her best feature) has my pulses racing and grinning…:)

She once sported a retro look on the red carpet that evokes the fashionable yet bombshell comeliness in the vein of say Blonde Screen Siren Joan Blondell. One has only to take a look at the CASEY DURKIN OFFICIAL SITE to get a sense of how in tune she is to the latest fashion trends, be it adorning or creating them. Her HUSH MONEY STYLE clothing line mixing hip hop streetwear with couture has become a favorite of celebs such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Lil’Kim. Always seen in stylish threads, appearances in a host of music videos by megastars such as Christina Aguilera, Snoop Dog and Tim Graw enhances her standing as a Vixen. Delectable CASEY has us wishing this year’s Summer never ends as she puts the veritable A in ALLURE!

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