Rising Starlet: Jessica Remmers


Projecting the sophisticated mystique made famous by French Wave goddesses such as Anouk Aimée and Anna Karina, JESSICA has those endearingly big eyes that glitters with sensuality. It’s apt that she’s cast in the horror anthology “The Theater Bizarre”, influenced by the Parisian Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol and delivering shockingly gory imagery with the expressionist horror tones ala “The Cabinet of Dr Caligari”. JESSICA’s role as Antonia being one of a group of women belonging to a bizarre and murderous cult with a taste for flesh. While JESSICA has appeared in a series of plays, shorts and indie flicks, she’ll no doubt be a rousing factor alongside horror hotties Lindsay Goranson, Elissa Dowling, Erin Marie Hogan and Lynn Lowry who plays the evil matriach. Be sure to check our her incredibly popular Tumblr Page JESSICA REMMERS AND THE NEW WAVE where she shares her thoughts on the art-film movement. Brigitte Bardot whom I reckon is one of her idols is emblazoned on the front page, a nod to the exquisite feminine inspiration she feeds off as a performer.

In the experimental short “Savanna” (above), one can see how she belongs in features with an avant-garde quality, her refined beauty being such a joy to savor. THE VANYA SHOW is also one of her upcoming projects where JESSICA takes on her Russian alter-ego who has an intriguing allure waiting to be unveiled! So Look out for her in “The Theatre Bizarre“, one of the Main Films screening at Film4 FrightFest UK 2011 as we discover the blossoming sweetness of this inviting model/actress.

2 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Jessica Remmers

  1. I predict 2012 will be Jessica’s year. Good luck and may Vanya find her star on Hollywood Blvd. someday.

    1. Have you seen the Red Band Trailer For The Theatre Bizarre….Creepily psychedelic and colorful femmes on it. Jessica is not only uniquely gorgeous, she’s genuinely affable too so success is surely heading her way!

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