Sex Bomb: Susie Abromeit

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Ravishing Blonde SUSIE ABROMEIT is quickly becoming an industry trailblazer and she’s sharing screen time with some very big names. 50 Cents, Margo Martindale, Patrick Wilson and Julie Benz are some of the illustrious company she’ll be starring with on both film and television. You’ve probably come across her Maxim shoot (above) that has her in revealing swimsuits that emphasizes her curves and unmistakably teasing her way into our lives. Inevitably a knight in shining armor deftly comes to her rescue albeit on celluloid and it’s TV Veteran Brian Austin Green as a vigilante crime fighter imbued with ancient powers in actioner “Cross”. His reward is a canoodling session (above) with Susie’s liberated damsel Sunshine and it’s abundantly clear she’s the spicier of the two…:)

It’s interesting to note that she went to Duke University on a tennis scholarship and she gets to parade all the right moves in the new TV series “Gifted Man” as well as the upcoming romance “16-Love”. Ever since she caught the eye in the rowdy comedy “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”, she has gone on to dazzle in several indie flicks and will be prominent in the Bruce Willis/Ryan Phillipe vehicle “Setup” that saw her gaining superstar rapper 50 Cents approval! By far her biggest exposure was on “Battle: Los Angeles” proving that aliens weren’t just the biggest draw for that blockbuster….somewhat takes me back to the day when starlet Isabel Lucas announced her arrival in that other explosive alien saga Transformers! There’s quite a discernible resemblance between SUSIE and Isabel I must say, the runway-worthy looks for instance. The “Pirates Of The Caribbean” meets “Robinson Crusoe” fish out of water tale “The Mysterious Island” adapted from the ageless Jules Verne novel is yet another fascinating film with SUSIE as a leading lady. Unquestionably on a roll, she’s steadily bringing her foxiness to every corner of the globe.

Watch her sizzle in the the episode “Rock & A Hard Place” from the hit series “Supernatural which is going on its 9th season!

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