British Vixen: Jessica Clark

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English Rose JESSICA CLARK is wonderfully mesmerizing and she has a way of making everyone around her feel comfortable. It’s a gut feeling but I reckon she’s tipped for popularity with audiences from both sexes. Yup Jessica is a proud lesbian yet one feels her heavenly multi-ethnic exoticness is desirable to us men too. She readily admits to getting hit on quite a lot by us guys! On top of it, to have a fellow hottie such as Barbara Niven commend JESSICA on her natural on-camera instincts as well as those kissable lips is flattery with good reason. Barbara is of course JESSICA’s co-star in the erotic drama “The Perfect Ending” that has JESSICA’s high-priced call girl Paris igniting the deepest desires of Barbara’s character Rebecca; the longing for love that takes Rebecca on a sensual yet passionate lesbian affair. JESSICA herself is set to take things to a racier level as a trophy wife Chantal in the Cinemax series “Chemistry” and there’s guaranteed to be a skin-tastic moment or two…;) Catch the scene (above) of a laid-back Jessica looking all bohemian and extolling the virtues of her man, especially his huge package…hehe.

She’s also prominent for her honest revelations of relationships and dating on her LESBIAN LOVE vlog. Speaking from her own experience, JESSICA projects an intimacy that’s universally appealing. Case in point, who can ever forget how she scorched up superstar Usher’s music video “Burn“. Following in the footsteps of Keira Knightley and Gemma Arterton, this could be the biggest year yet for the budding young talent that is JESSICA CLARK. In the latest season of “True Blood”, she’ll tempt you while in the throes of crimson blood as Lilith!

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