Ravishing Redhead: Anna Easteden

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International audiences are falling head over heels in love with ANNA EASTEDEN whom industry insiders are endorsing as one Fascinating Uber-Babe. As the tenderhearted hooker Nina in her Best Supporting Actress Nominated role from “The House Of Branching Love”, she’s delectably hypnotizing in every frame. She also makes it conceivable that beautiful women can indeed be attracted to lesser desirable guys (not just a fantasy mind you) with her radiantly stellar performance. She’s definitely inculcate a desire in me to watch more Finnish productions…or is it a craving for more of luscious ANNA…hehe. It’s all about setting precedents on The Actress Obsession Blog and ANNA is the very first Finnish-American beauty to leave us spellbound right here. If you pine for flame-haired cuties such as Karen Gillan of “Dr Who” fame, there’ll be no hesitation to cast infatuating eyes on ANNA. It must be that sophisticated European femininity (ANNA is from Finland and Karen is Scottish of course) that men of the world can’t stop fixating about…well one glimpse at the skimpily-clad shots of her at the ANNA EASTEDEN OFFICIAL SITE and you’ll see why she rocks the resplendently sexy look…she does have those long slender gams!

As a fashion model, she spent a lot of time in Asia (she was even in my country Singapore..woot!!), along the way racking up a starring role opposite Rinko Kikuchi in the Japanese version of “Sideways”. ANNA has disclose to me that she’s been busy creating 9 short films for the FINNFest GALA of which one is the entertaining “A Taste of Suomi” (watch it above) whereby she tries her hand at comedy with fellow hottie Anya Monzikova (Femme Fatales). In addition, she’s in an exciting NBC Pilot “A Mann’s World” directed by Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City) with Don Johnson (Miami Vice) and Kelly Hu leading the cast. By the way, she also dazzled as a vamp on “Two and A Half Men” before Charlie Sheen’s unfortunate exodus! I rate the always affable ANNA as an accomplished actress and many people will discover that she’s a cultivated personality with a most cherished global appeal.

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