Rising Starlet: Juliet Lopez

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My motto has always been to search for Cuties in the industry and today I’m nudging JULIET LOPEZ in the spotlight. As you will find out, she has a supporting role in the the mushy romance “Ten Year” which screens at TIFF 2011 on 12 and 14th September. Ensemble casts such as the one in “Ten Year” are always fascinating, throwing up a myriad of personalities, some more likable than others in a much truer representation of every day life. Not forgetting we get to be entertained by Fresh Faces such as JULIET who appears alongside seasoned ones such as Lucy Hale, Kate Mara, Rosario Dawson, Lynn Collins and Jenna Dewan (her husband Channing Tatum is in this film too!). In the throes of this babe fest, my only gripe yet again is that we’ve deprived of a trailer!! JULIET herself is undoutably relishing her work in the comedy genre and not just on the big screen. She’s swiftly making waves on the web as is the cast of “Enter The Dojo”, the satire on martial arts schools. Watch her in Episode 3 (above) as JULIET plays thoughtful yet timid Cynthia, learning the fine art of protecting oneself from rape. For anyone who has ever attended self defense classes, it’s easy to identify with her character nuances as JULIET is so relatable as the aspiring martial artist.

Stealthily inserting humor at opportune moments in that very episode does augur well for her as a future comedienne. With such a personable and interesting facet to JULIET, it clearly encourages us want to find out more about her, especially when she puts on that charming smile. Will we be enamored of her just like Romeo was with his paramour of the same name? Time is absolutely on her side to ensure that happens and viewers would jump at the chance to see more of what she can do…:)

2 thoughts on “Rising Starlet: Juliet Lopez

  1. Juliet is a very good friend of mine and she is a great actress and a beautiful woman, inside and out. You need to see the trailer for a movie she worked on called “Blaze You Out”…she’s a total badass! Thanks for spotlighting her, she deserves it.

  2. Yup she’s definitely sizzling the blog up today..:) I’ve seen the trailer…what a talent indeed!

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