Indie Princess: Lauren Lakis

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Like an Andy Warhol print, LAUREN LAKIS is a kaleidoscopic of personalities whether she’s making a splash as a model or being vibrantly in character as an actress. On September 14th, viewers get to catch this dazzler in the Midnight Madness Entry “Lovely Molly” at TIFF 2011. It is yet another tension-filled supernatural nightmare that’s guaranteed to be mystifyingly scary. Having co-director Eduardo Sanchez at the helm, expect the chills to be in the vein of “The Blair Witch Project”!. There’s of course newcomer Gretchen Lodge as the lead, the perennial cutie Alexandra Holden and of course as mentioned upcoming starlet LAUREN LAKIS herself rounding out an eclectic cast. What can I say but confirm that the camera loves her and the LAUREN LAKIS OFFICIAL SITE has heaps of pics that attest to her knack for being fashionably sexy. With that big smile of hers, she’s adorned with the sweetie pie features akin to someone like Allison Mack (in her early years on Smallville), although her direction as an actress takes on a more “alternative” route.

We will get to see the different shades of LAUREN as she has several intriguing flicks coming out this year. Preferring to be acknowledged as a soulful performer, she’s attuned to the inner mechanizations of various personalities in people and has managed to weave that multi-dimensionality into the roles she’s tackling. This ravishing redhead in our midst is profoundly magnetic, a soon to be gem of the indie scene.

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