Stunning Siren: Danielle Bisutti

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DANIELLE BISUTTI has loads of sauciness to set alight TV Land This Fall, mesmerizing us into submission with her scintillating renaissance woman chic. Her list of accomplishments are truly impeccable; Actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, painter, comedian and of course Fashionista, she’s done them all and more, living up to her billing as a multi-faceted entertainer. Come 20th September, she’s stirring up trouble in the naughty Season 2 premiere of “Body Of Proof”. The priceless scene in the teaser (above) when her character (Vicki Hemington) utters the line ‘When’s the last time you had Total Mind-Blowing Sex‘ will probably have Detective Budd Morris (played by John Carrol Lynch) and audiences approving! Gotta to love the twisted tone of the episode that veers into “Desperate Housewives’ territory when the seemingly perfect neighborhood uncovers much deceit after a death. What a fashionably gorgeous group of ladies in the very first episode, ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ with DANIELLE guest starring alongside our fav Medical Examiner Hotties, essayed by Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan who both exhibit an air of absorbing poise. Check out a menagerie of cool stuff on this Italian-American beauty at the DANIELLE BISUTTI OFFICIAL SITE.

Fans have often observed how she glows whenever she dons opulent threads in ebony and have even hailed that black nail polish looks so glamorous on her. It comes as no surprise young girls fawning over her villainous persona Amanda Cantwell as well as the sassy fashion sense she embodies on Nickoloden’s “True Jackson, VP”. Many are also bowled over by her melodious voice in the catalog of songs she’s contributed to the show. Resplendently astute in comedic or dramatic roles, DANIELLE has such an uneering star quality that’s bound to ravish the world.

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