New Zealand Vixen: Robyn Malcolm

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Rounding off the specials on the hotties that are glaming up TIFF 2011 that’s ending in style today is the vivaciously sexy Robyn Malcolm. An esteemed actress of the stage and screen, Robyn has distinguished herself on television as well as theatre productions becoming one of New Zealand’s most respected personalities. Her solidly layered performances as the unshakable Cheryl West on “Outrageous Fortune” had even Australian audiences hooked and welcomed her with open arms. One of many priceless scenes as Cheryl involves belting her daughter square in the kisser more than once if i might add and furthermore no one can forget the time she stripped down to her bra. Befittingly in 2010, Robyn was voted Best Actress for the fifth consecutive year and Sexiest Woman for the third consecutive year in the 2010 TV Guide Best on the Box Awards…that’s a remarkable feat for any female talent regardless of geography.

Although hers is a supporting role in the audacious drama “Burning Man” which she spent a great part of a year delving into, everyone will have eyes on her. Known for laying bare the souls of the characters she plays, intimating emotional states with a penetrating resonance. At a time when the world is passionately watching the Rugby World Cup in Wellington, New Zealand, it’s great to see a KIWI actress creating buzz on the other side of the world in Canada. It is essential to speak highly of the substantial contributions a luminary such as Miss Robyn Malcolm has made in entertainment.

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