Quirky Saucy: Edi Patterson

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If you’re into improv comedy, EDI PATTERSON is right up there with the best talents to have brought off-the-cuff slapstick on stage and then onto Film and TV. A prominent member of The Groundlings, she’s part of the acclaimed troupe that have entertained countless people and borne some of the biggest names in entertainment. Newly minted Emmy Winner Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are some of its famous alum and EDI has every chance of replicating their successes. Sometimes a way to a man or woman’s heart is humor and perhaps a little tease of the boobs as EDI so cleverly blends into the Scarlett Johansson parody (above)…wonder if EDI will do a skit that involves some really ‘Dirty’ pictures since Miss Johansson is currently fodder for gossip…hehe. This Texas Cutie is clearly well-endowed and need I remind you not just on a physical level. Having become an accomplished playwright, writing sketches and performing them, her brains are a goldmine with which she concocts comedic gems.

Recently seen in “Weeds” as a smarmy artist or so we thought, she does have an intrinsic comic charm in those Vintage Cat Eye Glasses. Her two-person show “Mitch and Edi Making Love” as well as her musical parody of “The Fellowship of the Rings” has fans in raptures over the rapid wit of hers. She has this to say about the wonders of improvisation: “It goes to some place that nobody would ever expect”. There lies the everlasting hipness of EDI PATTERSON; It’s clear she has the ability to spontaneously cook up rib-tickling moments to treasure.

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