Rising Starlet: Georgia Goodrick

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GEORGIA GOODRICK is the English Hottie whose name is going to be on everyone’s lips since she’s headlining “The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence”. Don’t ask me where she fits into the 12 human mouth-to-anus abomination for we are all in for a revolting experience courtesy of Crazy Genius Director Tom Six. This sequel is expected to up the ante in such a sickening way that will go over and above the nauseating gruesomeness of its predecessor. Threading the footsteps of actresses Ashlynn Yennie and Ashley C. Williams who amazed us with the explicit bondage Euro-horror of notorious hit “The Human Centipede, GEORGIA is due for a cult following too. Mark the date September 22nd and watch her in “THC 2: Full Sequence” premiering at the cinematic extravaganza that is Fantastic Fest 2011 to be held in Austin,Texas. Controversially disturbing stories do bring out the best in any actor and we have a good inkling GEORGIA will sharply deliver on the shocks!

No stranger to psychological trepidation onscreen, GEORGIA thrives in situational terror that plagues the mind as the one her character encounters in the spooky lo-fi horror debut flick “Ouija Board”. In fact, she’s also invested into another bleak role as a troubled prostitute in the upcoming short “The Caravan”. Visit the GEORGIA GOODRICK OFFICIAL SITE for the latest updates on all her projects. Vulnerably comely in the same vein as horror starlet Scout Taylor-Compton (they could be sisters!) albeit with a pleasing British charm, she’s an inviting prospect. This year could indeed be the launching pad for her as a star-of-tomorrow.

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