Sexy Siren: Danielle Egnew

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Potently Sexy is how one might describe Lesbian Sex Symbol DANIELLE EGNEW who has a sensual spirit desired by women and I’m sure numerous men alike. Surely you must have seen her modeling for Scoops Straps in quite the revealing fashion, practically topless save for those very guitar straps. If the pic (above) gets you hot and bothered then her folksy vocal prowess will be just as hard to resist. Furthermore, she’s considered to be one of the most influential producers in the music business. DANIELLE is truly an artistic doyenne, excelling in every form of entertainment you can think of and has been constantly prolific. Be awed by her richly textured role as a down and out rocker tackling the complexities of life with her lesbian partner in “Changing Spots”. An organic performer, her work on both music and film stems from intimate, personal experiences and makes her immensely accessible.

I’m not one to exaggerate the appeal of any talent but every interview I’ve come across of DANIELLE has her being revered as Drop Dead Sexy. Is it her Part Native American allure complimented by the distinctive big, flowing hair? Or could it be the fact that she’s an internationally recognized Clairvoyant/Medium that’s bewitching on a metaphysical level? A visit to the DANIELLE EGNEW OFFICIAL SITE should affirm her astral-like indie comeliness. More so since she’s done psychic investigation on docus such as “Montgomery House: The Perfect Haunting” and on the TV show “Missing Piece”. Having been honored by Curve Magazine as the gal “Most Likely To Turn You Into An Obsessed Fan”, the über-cool DANIELLE leaves us feeling blissful.

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