Indie Queen: Paige Kimball

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Essaying quirky characters is part and parcel of being an indie actress and PAIGE KIMBALL has taken on some amusing ones using a procession of expressions to whip up laughter. Check out her in “OMG! I’m Knocked Up!” as Jackie, the woman oblivious to the glaring fact that she’s preggers! Hilarity ensures as she chalks it down to a bloated stomach and having the need for liposuction. Transitioning into a much darker tone is her appearance in the menacingly freaky short “Curtain” that has a man being threatened by both a psychotic girlfriend and a Succubus that seemingly makes its home in his bathtub. PAIGE plays Victoria, the landlady in the apartment where he lives and is privy to its horrifying secret. Since this is a horror comedy, I’m presuming PAIGE will be conveying some of the more lighthearted moments. Keep your eyes peeled genre for genre fav Maria Olsen in the role of the Succubus as well as the astoundingly scary FX/Makeup!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this creeped out and the trailer (above) does bring chills down my spine especially in the dead of night! Get a glimpse of the talents of Miss PAIGE KIMBALL as “Curtain” is screening on 24th September at Fantastic Fest 2011. Be sure to take a look at the PAIGE KIMBALL OFFICIAL SITE for more updates. She’s also in the World War 2 spoof BAND OF MOTHERS where even soldiers are mollycoddled faster than you can say Mama’s Boy! If you’re a fan Joan Allen (where has she been?), it’s very likely you’ll adore PAIGE too for she has a similarly approachable incandescence about her.

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