Sizzling Cutie: Kaitlyn Black

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There’s something mesmeric when admiring the virtues of actresses hailing from the great state of Ohio and Miss KAITLYN BLACK is one such beauty. We’ve fallen for a Ohioan on TV before, the day Katie Holmes burst onto the scene in “Dawson’s Creek” and KAITLYN could very well do the same as she stars in the Rachel Bilson vehicle “Hart Of Dixie”. Quite possibly its her Midwestern coquettish charms that could propel KAITLYN from Hometown Hottie to TV Hottie This Fall. Her flirtatious turn as Zoe in “Raising Hope” including a surprise disrobing at an art class and getting high on doped out tea is likely to prompt even more fascination. It’s great seeing her as an agent provocateur in the comedy series, crazily stirring up trouble for Lucas Neff who plays Jimmy Chance. She’ll be an exciting prospect to watch amidst the heartwarming tenderness in “Hart Of Dixie”.

Over the years she’s also honed her classical background and theater experience having performed in over 15 musical/theatrical productions as well as being a dance teacher, director and choreographer. KAITLYN was also amazing on the web sitcom FLOATERS which garnered the first ever Emmy for an online scripted comedy or drama. As the naive blonde Erika who is a picture of positivity, she’s lovably unpretentious and shows enough for us to be ecstatic over her. Switch on your televisions because in the coming weeks, we’ll be treated to yet another blossoming starlet on the small screen.

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