Indie Horror Queen: Manoush

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MANOUSH stands on her own as a character actress in Horror with an unabashed attitude who has over the years embodied villainous personas with distinction. You won’t be seeing her as the victim in her 40+ films instead unrestrained depravity is the order of the day in MANOUSH’s performances thus far. Her wicked ways as the dominatrix and snuff filmmaker Olga in the much talked about “The Super” is a descend into immoral pleasures, i.e. the act of killing for profit. She excelled as the symbol of domineering feminity, reminiscent of her brilliant turn as Lady Boss Madame Fabienne in the violent “La Petite Mort” who has a bloodlust for hacking off human parts including a dude’s manhood. While gorehounds revel in the terror of the movies she’s been in, it’s the atmosphere of foreboding created by this Swiss-born German actress that’s ultimately resounding.

Humbly unpretentious and deeply passionate for horror herself, MANOUSH is a talented lady who audiences can most definitely relate to. Let me tell you she loves to have a bout of cussing once in a while and not averse to laying bare her opinions on current affairs. Case in point her grouses with the socio-political climate on Facebook, giving her two cents worth regarding the Southwest Airlines/ Leisha Hailey girl-on-girl kiss incident…can you believe Leisha got kicked off the plane for that! MANOUSH can sure rumble with the best and her straight-rule, tell it like she sees it grievances on worldly issues is genuinely remarkable…makes me wanna rid the universe of injustices too!! Lauded as a genre icon, she’s exhibiting a unique depth not only on celluloid but as a person and conversationalist. If you’re looking for an authenticity in a performer then MANOUSH delivers it full on.

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