Rising Starlet: Carolyn Jania

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Sumptuous as a peach, CAROLYN JANIA is more than capable of creating an instant connection with viewers. This lissome cutie with the eye-skimming bangs that effortlessly accentuates her photogenic cheekbones also has an illuminating, heart-melting smile. If you’ve made your way to Shriekfest 2011, then the twisted thriller “Opus” has to be high on your watch list as CAROLYN will also be since she’s one of the female leads. A recognized improv comedienne, she uses those very skills in the improv-driven “Opus”, only this time however it’s no laughing matter. Playing Sandy, the wide-eyed aspiring indie horror starlet, her dreams of making it big might end in tatters when she unknowingly falls victim to a deranged director as will seven others. It’s a privilege to be in contact with CAROLYN as well as Miss Kandice Melonakos (whom i’ve already blogged about), co-stars of such a unique film that dispenses with scripts instead allowing the actors to flesh out their characters naturally.

Have a look at this graceful actress in some of the features she’s done including the tease of her short film “The Diary Of Eloise Painter” at the CAROLYN JANIA OFFICIAL SITE. Industry insiders are noticing how astute she is as a talent, able to convey a fearless depth whenever and wherever she’s called to perform. CAROLYN has already dazzled on stage and it won’t be long before she propers on the independent scene.