Rising Starlet: Melanie Cruz

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For me, the immensely luscious lips of MELANIE CRUZ is instantaneously striking and we’ve already been treated to her beauty on television more than once. Having scored a guest-starring role in the pilot of “American Horror Story”, widely expected to be hauntingly impressive when it premieres, the prominently fetching MELANIE should be capturing hearts soon enough. You may have spotted her on hit shows “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” and “House” on both occasions playing a doctor. In the final season of “Big Love”, she was Bishop Benedict, the voice of reason trying to convince the disenchanted Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn) to switch churches albeit unsuccessfully. It’s an eye-opener to watch MELANIE comfortably depicting an understanding authority of religion as the bastion of male dominance is slowly extinguished, making way for feminine presence. Her expressive blue eyes are suited for such an influential figure and they’re pretty ravishing in the photos I’ve seen. Actually, she was ever so kind to send some to me…:)

Start visiting the MELANIE CRUZ OFFICIAL SITE as she has a host of video clips for our viewing pleasure. She’s also known for producing and starring in the music video ‘Built Like Botticelli‘, a slyly humorous look at the woes of online dating. In the works for her is the thriller “In Medias Reas”, the theological study of Heaven and Hell where she’s the guardian of the Pearly Gates (an angel perhaps). Once more we get to see her in an emotive role, one of celestial melancholy. Well, MELANIE does have a heavenly face and an essentially charming vivaciousness to go along with it…More reasons to watch her shine!

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