Ravishing Redhead: Annie Boon

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ANNIE BOON is an award-winning actress with an expansive radiance that’s unmissable. The Season 3 premiere of “Hung” has Annie in some scenes that will make some blush whereas I like to think it’s perfectly natural to have them in a show that deals with gigolo sex and that famed well-endowed pecker. As they say, the provocative series “Hung” does hit all the ‘Hard’ spots…hehe. ‘Pimpette’ Jane Adams so eloquently reveal there’s more than a fair share of Penis Talk on tap in each episode but we all know that it’s the saucy ladies that are the main draw. I especially love this quote from her: “Every character I have portrayed has something of me in them”. Annie’s scenes with Thomas Jane borders on the raunchy yet part of her has to be sensual in order to flesh out those moments. Bravo to Annie for having the wherewithal and absolute professionalism in every role she takes on. Having appeared in comedies “Middle Men” starring Luke Wilson and Will Ferrel’s “Everything Must Go”, she does have the knack to put a grin on our faces, her beaming smile will have you in wonderment.

Annie has been in a string of independent films and fans will be over the moon seeing her alongside Ellen Muth of “Dead Like Me” fame in the upcoming film “Nephila”. So keep up to date with the latest at the ANNIE BOON OFFICIAL WEBSITE for she’s an undeniable charmer. I was pleasantly surprised when she drop me a message to keep her posted on my own successes which is a rare deed indeed and led to me being even more enthralled with her. A gutsy, head turner from reel to real life, she sure does have a killer bod and the multi-genre talents to boot. Show some Ginger love for ANNIE as she could very well be the next obsession after Mad Men’s Sex Bomb Christina Hendricks or even Julianne Moore. Take it from me ANNIE can be just as voluptuously enticing…:)

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