Scream Queen: Ruby LaRocca

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If you’re entertaining thoughts of a Lustful Addiction for RUBY LaRocca just like some Zombie Babies do, you might find her in The Cemetary from a movie scene or two making our Skin Crawl with equal excitement and trepidation. I’ve just named (in bold) some of her riveting features which you must check out if you’re an ardent fan of this Scarlet temptress. Synonymous with the best in sexploitation and kooky horror of the entirely dirty variety, RUBY likens the process of making the aforementioned films (including the nudity) as a fun experience. You might have salivated over that threesome she had with Misty Munday and Darian Cane in “The Seduction of Misty Mundae” or the topless sunbathing in the disturbing Jack Ketchum adaptation “The Lost”, the gorgeous tattoos adorning her body so integral to her sexuality. Her brutal thriller “The Super” is screening at the PollyGrind Film Festival where she plays a tenant incurring the wrath of a wacko neighbor in yet another impactful performance.

At a fest that celebrates grindhouse, exploitation and alternative horror, RUBY is a perfect fit as she’s been at the forefront of the darker side of cinema for quite some time. Erotically charged yet provocative appearances in controversial fare such as “Zombiechrst” and “Face Of Schlock” are likely to push more than a few buttons! Actually red is definitely the color for her and she’s every bit a babe when drenched in blood. Ensure you drop by both the RUBY LaRocca OFFICIAL SITE and the RUBY LaRoccca OFFICIAL BLOG for news on her upcoming blood-curdling projects. What also impresses me is her deep affection for her contemporaries, Debbie Rochon and Tina Krause, both of whom she’s worked with and continually hail. Likewise the tribute she pays to all the RUBY addicts out there who have savored her proving she’s staying grounded even with the successes she’s had. RUBY is one red-hot indie horror princess who has more than proven her worth in front and very soon behind the camera.

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