Blonde Bombshell: Michele Hailey

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Over the years, sci-fi and horror have always paved the way for the most desirable femmes. You can palpably count the titillating MICHELE HAILEY as being one for she will mesmerize possibly anyone who chances upon her. Besides being an actress, MICHELE’s other spellbinding profession is of course as a Master Hypnotist or in her saucy words the consummate ‘Hypnotits’…hehe. She’ll leave you delirious with her sense of humor as well as the lust-inducing, svelte body we must surely appreciate. All this means marking down the date October 12 as her feature “The Las Vegas Abductions” is screening at the PollyGrind Film Festival. Peeping-tom Aliens invading Las Vegas searching for sperm, MICHELE as a tempting hypnotherapist (who does go topless) standing in their way and an appearance by soft porn actress Beverly Lynn constitutes for orgasmic viewing. How can we forget that all the otherworldly mayhem and naughtiness happens in Sin City!!

Lo and behold, Las Vegas is actually the very place where Michele plies her trade with her compelling comedy hypnosis show. It does have its horror element somewhat in that our minds are being manipulated with ease but I don’t think anyone is complaining when the one doing the bewitching is the enticing Miss MICHELE HAILEY. Check out the segment in the clip (above) when she bewilderingly inveigles a group of people into breaking out into a Chinese rap!! Remember to visit the HYPNOTIC DIVA SITE if you’re contemplating a rollicking good time engaged in tomfoolery while under the influence…not by booze but by a truly magical lady. MICHELE will astound and leave you speechless on so many levels…:)

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