Indie Princess: Sarah Nicklin

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The deluge of Horror Film Festivals in October means we get to savor a bevy of beauties and SARAH NICKLIN can sure mesmerize from the outset. Her turn as the lesbian avenging angel in a habit from “Nun Of That” predates Lindsay Lohan’s gun-licking nun in “Machete” and SARAH is such a riot and way more funnier. There’s also Scream Queen Legend Debbie Rochon as the Mother Superior and Troma Guru Lloyd Kaufman as The Pope amping up the thrills. SARAH has indeed been memorable as strong, independent leading ladies in several exploitation flicks so it’s appropriate that she’s causing a stir in her latest. At this weekend’s Rock and Shock, be seduced and struck with fear by SARAH’s performance as possessed porn star Amoreena Jones in “The Disco Exorcist”. It’s demonic femme fatale vs sex obsessed disco mogul in lurid 70s-inspired psychedelia and carnality with every chance of SARAH being exalted as a Grindhouse Babe. Influenced by the tenacity and sexiness of women on film, you’ll discover SARAH glistens with vigorous spunk and a perceptibly sensual disposition.

She also offers an intelligent insight into the attraction of violence that borders on the taboo such as why an impressionable male audience would so covet the gun-toting nun character she once so boldly embodied. In her words, men crave the virginal and the chaste thus confirming why sexualizing a nun would increase that compulsion tenfold. When the black and white horror flick “Exhumed” premieres next month, expect the adoration for her to grow as well. SARAH stars alongside Debbie Rochon once again as both ladies venture into emotionally groundbreaking territory in this movie’s non-traditional take on terrors of the human mind. Remember to visit the SARAH NICKLIN OFFICIAL SITE for more exciting news. It’s increasingly likely she’s going great guns this year and many more after.

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