Rising Starlet: Aurelia Scheppers

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When it comes to exalting the irresistibility AURELIA SCHEPPERS can generate with her hauntingly beguiling eyes, we’re tempted to be more than passionate! Together with fellow actresses Lyndsy Fonseca of “Nikita” fame and Alexandra Daddario (both blessed with immaculate peepers just like AURELIA), the trio could be envisaged as earthly goddesses in this great era of ours. In fact, AURELIA played Aphrodite on the web series “A God Named Pablo” whom we all know is the Greek Goddess Of Love, Beauty and Sexuality. It would be a dream come true for any actor to work alongside AURELIA I’d imagine; The dark hair/blue-eyed combo exuding a mystique that grips you and never lets go. She’s graced every form of entertainment one can think of, from her start as a fashion/commercial model to her days as a video vixen, dazzling up music clips by renowned artists Pink and Lifehouse among others. On film, her overt foxiness and gorgeous chic inculcate massive crushes that I’m sure.

Halloween is almost upon us and we do have the lovely AURELIA at her stunning best in the supernatural thriller “11/11/11”. While its commercial counterpart 11-11-11 opts for creepy, demonic visions with a religious subtext espousing the end of the world, Asylum’s indie horror flick deals with the Omen-like theme of a boy’s 11th birthday being the catalyst for Armageddon. The trailer (above) revealing a tease of how AURELIA fits in the evil scheme of things…I’m guessing she’s the nanny with designs on the boy, brimming with plenty of seductive treachery. Inveigling us viewers into submission, AURELIA should by now be hailed amongst the most enticing women of the world.

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