Quirky Saucy: Katy Townsend

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Sexiness is omnipotent, quirkiness is divine and in Scottish actress KATY TOWNSEND, we find both bewitching facets shimmering within her. Even though she’s based in LA, I bet she’s been beguiling the West End for some time. As you know West End is in Glasgow where KATY hails from and of course, her accent is blissfully mesmerizing. There’s a local lingo used by Glaswegians that I stumbled upon recently and the phrase ‘She’s a wee stoater’ best describes her. It means to be an exceptionally pretty gal and KATY’s foxy, striking features which is an electrifying mix of gothic chic and cheeky cuteness will have us in her thrall. The pic of her in the ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ yellow tee (above) expresses the naughty attitude she radiates and her turn as a fairy in the short film “New World” speaks highly of KATY’s nymph-like uniqueness. She does wear the pigtails with an innocence that’s spellbinding.

Likewise, I was besotted after watching her in “Kill Katie Malone” which also stars Dean Cain. Her character Amy buys a ghost from the net in order to save a group of friends from the spirit’s vile intentions. Now how cool is that, being able to purchase your very own “Casper” or in this case a Hellish abomination! Her upcoming projects will be just as interesting so make sure to drop by the KATY TOWNSEND OFFICIAL SITE. One being “Neighbors”, an indie comedic drama delving into the tangled web of neighborly affairs. Honestly I haven’t seen Sean Patrick Thomas since he shone with Julia Stiles in “Save The Last Dance” but one can foresee the funky KATY to turn on the charm. Fellow Scots Kelly McDonald (“Boardwalk Empire”) and Karen Gillan (“Dr Who”) have been grabbing the headlines lately and this could well be the year when KATY introduces herself to the world as an emerging starlet.

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