Scream Queen: Donna Hamblin

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It’s sheer bliss when Blood and Babes come together so when actress DONNA HAMBLIN gets covered in crimson red, viewers are assured a visual feast. She has a classic old-world beauty offering a distinguishing allure that’s a standout in the annals of indie horror. She sweetens the deal even more with her genial personality, a big plus for her ever increasing worldwide fanbase. This Halloween, grab the DVD of her chilling film “Sinister” that promises the psychological spooks to make everyone jump. There’s plenty of voodoo spell casting, murderous zombies and DONNA in the lead role as EMILY who is afflicted with a Hex that threatens to envelop her life. Just as she kept us transfixed by portraying an affecting dualism in the 2008 thriller “At The House Of Madness”, DONNA intrigues by accentuating her character’s cerebral terror with ease in “Sinister”. She knows how to keep everything on a knife edge onscreen…might that have something to do with her background as an accomplished fencer!

More attuned to human complexities, it’s no surprise she opts for character work in the various guises she’s encompassed on film with many pointing our her eyes as being expressively engaging. She’s has already starred with Tura Satana, Brinke Stevens and Felissa Rose who have left their enviable mark as luminaries of horror over the years. Could DONNA be the genre’s next thriving starlet…she’s certainly been pleasingly captivating to warrant a slew of admirers for years to come.

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