Blonde Bombshell: Anastasia Ganias


Men have long worship at the altar of Greek Goddesses and the ultra sexy Greek-American beauty ANASTASIA GANIAS has us infallibly marveling at the babe that she is. One can stare at those dreamy eyes of hers like forever and it’s easy to offer her heartfelt ardor when she’s as beautiful on the inside. She showed me some love with that most valuable of phrases “You’re The Man” and coming from such a gorgeous lady, she’s more than made herself irresistible. Especially since she once shared kissing time with Sting’s daughter Micky Sumner in the indie drama “Trophy Wife” and titillatingly offered her boobs for guys to snort coke off as the party girl Danni in “Party Down”, the cult comedy series. ANASTASIA has been dazzling television for quite some time with appearances on “CSI: Miami”, “CSI: New York”, and “Dexter”. She has an entrancing factor equivalent to the younger version of the foxy Jeri Ryan and we haven’t yet wax lyrical about ANASTASIA’s elegant legs.

I recently came across a clip of model Brooklyn Decker sprucing her pair with spray tan on one of them talk shows but as one can see with ANASTASIA, her stems are naturally immaculate. Wrapped in that hot, leggy bodice is a gal with the soul of a sweetheart and that’s precisely why she’s such a persuasive fascination. ANASTASIA channels a sincerity as much on camera as she does off it in the most uplifting of ways. Even in the sexier bits she’s done, her feminine wilds doesn’t smother the earnestness of her characters, instead accentuating them so delectably. Here’s a lovely actress we won’t hesitate to cherish keenly.

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