Rising Starlet: Emily Swallow

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Recent entertaining turns on several hit shows should serve as a catalyst for adoration to come the way of actress EMILY SWALLOW. In an episode of universally acclaimed series “The Good Wife”, she’s Mandy Cox, a music executive in a litigation case involving a British climber who sneakily steals the stuff of people who die at purported mountainous peaks termed the ‘Death Zone’. Grilled by no-nonsense Alicia Florrick (the formidable Julianna Margulies), she gets caught red-handed in a lie. On a more positive note, she’s also playing Detective Saldana looking into a suspected missing person after an anonymous tip on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s “Ringer”. EMILY affectionately refers to her role as the one where she does her detective schtick…:) Coming across as calm and convincing as the figure of authority, she’s also quite the looker so let’s hope EMILY gets a regular gig on “Ringer”. Touted as having a strikingly expressive face, Emily has replicated her moving portrayals on an impressive array of theatrical work and harnessing it ever so well on TV. Fans of “Southland” will know her as Dina Clarke, wife of homicide detective Russell Clarke (Tom Everett Scott) who kicks his sorry ass out of their home, both succumbing to strains in their marriage. She’s all about trying to capture the essence of her parts and it won’t be long before she becomes a TV Siren.

I love how she’s regularly seen as a performer with a stimulating flexibility with reviewers exalting her mastery of variations when in character largely thanks to her steely rendition as Kate from Taming Of The Shrew. She has previously plied her talents on stage alongside Kathryn Hahn, Rashida Jones as well as Sam Trammell and Rutina Wesley (both of “True Blood” fame). While vast distance may prevent me from enjoying her in the numerous plays she’s done, it’s already gratifying watching her illuminate the small screen.

By now viewers must be enthralled with her appearance on Season 6 of the Mentalist as Agent Fisher. She even takes Patrick Jane for a ride and there’s plenty more to come from her enigmatic character who has a profound effect icy cool Mr Mentalist himself!

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