Sizzling Cutie: Alicia Anthony

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Future stars are so often unearthed on the independent scene and ALICIA ANTHONY could very well be the newest with a debut that has aroused keen interest. Some like Amy Adams had to slog for years to get to where she is while others like Jennifer Lawrence struck big thanks to a resonating performance (Winter’s Bone) and the winsome ALICIA has more than shown her enchanting credibility onscreen at the first time of asking. She’s the leading lady of “Wuss” in the skin of Maddie, a student with an undesirable past who by the hand of fate crosses path with her teacher Mitch. Let’s just say she’s the polar opposite of most high school students with an inherently dim view towards teachers, an anti Tracy Flick if you will. Not the type to join in the bandwagon of ridicule on her weakling of a teacher, she uses her infamy that’s seeming striking fear on all sides of the school population to shade him from the abuse. Wanton bullying in institutions has been around for ages but to have it happening to an educator with such brutal fashion as in “Wuss” is an eye-opener. Inevitably. revenge is set in motion by the inappropriately attached teacher-student duo, each with their own demons to purge. ALICIA impeccably handles every bit of the darkly humorous material courtesy of Writer/director Clay Liford. Audiences can catch the movie’s run from November 6-7 at the AFI Fest 2011.

For ALICIA, it must have been a moment of serendipity as she was discovered by the film’s producers at a Taco stand where she used to worked. Mesmerizing as the reticently complex Maddie, they were spot on their choice of ALICIA in the integral role. I’ve read that she has an aura and a smile that’s saliently captivating…ahhh….more reasons to love her. It’s also great to see Arianne Martin (a fav actress of mine) in the cast of “Wuss” and I can foresee ALICIA becoming an indie sweetheart in her own right.

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