Screen Siren: Natalija Nogulich

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Noted for her personable disposition and gregarious allure thanks to her Serbian heritage, film doyenne NATALIJA NOGULICH has and will always hold our captive attention. AFI Film Fest entry “I Melt With You” might have its testosterone-laden, steeped in darkness tomfoolery by way of leading man from “Hung” Thomas Jane and “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven but it’s female cast is just as colorful. NATALIJA appears in this hallucinogenic tale of excess (could this be the heavier, gloomier answer to “The Hangover”) alongside the ravishing Melora Hardin and porn star turned legitimate actress Sasha Grey. Over the years AFI’s mission has been one of presenting the best films out there irregardless of their stature and I’m following their lead in featuring actresses who deserve their share of recognition. Having lit up Broadway, television and film (she played Jack Nicholson’s wife in “Hoffa”), NATALIJA continues to churn out outstanding examples of character work that cuts across different genres. Her recent guest spot as fortune teller Vadoma on Betty White’s “Hot In Cleveland” is testament to her knack for consistently keeping things interesting every time she graces a role.

The NATALIJA NOGULICH OFFICIAL SITE is where one can keep up with her latest projects. Sci-Fi fans and Trekkies in particular cherish her as the tough cookie Admiral Nechayev in “Star Trek-The Next Generation”; she excellently added an intricacy to what is essentially a personality of someone that’s straight-up and regimental. On MTV’s comedy series “The Hard Times Of RJ Berger” shone in a fun, eccentric manner perfecting the idiosyncrasy of play director Mrs. Bender to such enjoyable heights. Proving what a creative masterclass she is, NATALIJA is also an accomplished screen writer, novelist and director, thus growing ever more absorbing by the day.

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