Rising Starlet: Thia Schuessler

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This past week has been one of warm approval for the Fresh Faces in the film world and newcomer THIA SCHUESSLER could yet be another gem. As I’m writing this, she’s currently at or around the majestic theaters in Hollywood where AFI Fest 2011 runs till November 10th in support of the enchanting short film “Clear Blue”. It’s “Cocoon” (the youthful rejuvenation swimming pool) meets “Harold and Maude” (the unexpected bond between older woman and younger man) as a lifeguard encounters a magical phenomenon that suspends our disbelief. The woman at the center of this haunting tale is Fiova, an elderly lady who mystically becomes a much younger version of herself as soon as she’s into the blue. THIA plays the younger version of Fiova, ethereally angelic as she spends significant time underwater that includes a kissing scene or two….can’t wait to see how this perplexing mystery unravels. Already she reminds me of mumblecore princess Greta Gerwig in terms of her magnetic beauty, you know that indie cool, arty European glow that keeps us fascinated (ok I’m a little blatantly bias when it comes to cute blondes…hehe).

A visit to the THIA SCHUESSLER OFFICIAL SITE should give an inkling of her fetching qualities. Blessed with ambrosial features (I believe she’s attractive even sans makeup), THIA does have a comely appeal which even in the 20 mins of “Clear Blue” is captured sublimely. In this fast-changing cinematic terrain, it’s a pleasure to be in touch with the stars of tomorrow such as the lovely THIA who could find herself being regarded as one.