Indie Princess: Chelsey Garner

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Horror Hound Weekend starts on Friday, 11th November and it’s a huge pleasure to spotlight Chelsey Garner, starlet from the highly rated “Down The Road”. Since she was the first of the 3 hot actresses from this retro looking horror flick to befriend me as her fan on Facebook, I’m having her grace the Actress Obsession Blog at the outset. Or maybe it’s her comely pair of green eyes that would be bewitching on the screen irregardless of the period she’s in character. After all, she’s a Southern belle and her hospitable personality would have everyone grow fond of her in no time at all. In “Down The Road”, she’s Michele, one of several fun-seeking college students who are escaping the clutches of their problematic lives only to end up as sacrificial lambs of a vindictive killer. The throwback to the slashers of ’80s and ’90s boomed ever since Ti West’s House Of The Devil caused a stir with its slow burning suspense. “Down The Road” replicates the dated shlock but this time purists will not wait long to be thrilled by the pace and violence. Chelsey’s pained expression near the end of the trailer (above) surely spurs you on to catch the film and find out what fate may befall her.

In fact, she could well be following in the footsteps of actresses such as Scout Taylor-Compton and Danielle Harris who have ascended the throne of perennial slasher sweethearts. The duo I just mentioned were in smaller, independent films (Scout was in “Wicked Things” & Danielle was in “Urban Legend”) before making it big so in the same vein, Chelsey is more than capable of becoming prominent. Having recently read that her aim is to inspire audiences by building a rapport with them, her elegant yet relatable attributes should hold her in good stead. Becoming one of the rallying voices for women in independent cinema has been a mission of mine from the very start and the fascinating Chelsey Garner makes it all worthwhile.

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