Euro Vixen: Renée Fokker

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With the date 11-11-11 being a primary phenomenon this year, I’m following its lead by featuring Renée Fokker, the first ever Dutch actress on the Actress Obsession Blog. Her appearances in the explicit Cannes selection “Code Blue” as well as the much vaunted thriller “Loft” have introduced her to a worldwide audience. She currently stars as Chief of Serious Crime Department in Amsterdam on the TV series “Hart-Tegen-Hard” (aka Hard against Heart) and while it has been compared to the popular “Castle”, the show has something “Castle” does not; A sexy, take charge police commander Trudy van Veen played by the voluptuously beguiling Renée. As one can see, she is endowed with an authentic, sensual nature and she more than expresses feminine sexual liberation in the raunchy “LelleBelle” as the mother of a young girl whose is discovering her carnal knowledge. Oh, her character also happens to be a teacher who educates couples on the fine art of erotic copulation and even quotes the Kamasutra. The honest direction the drama takes is not one of exploitation rather the laying bare of irrepressible pubescent desires and a flirtatious yet sensitive interpretation from Renée makes it all the more rousing. Having watched “Cat Run” recently, I have to say European cinema can get away with pretty much anything (i.e. full-frontal nudity, penetration) where other markets may fear to thread and “LelleBelle” is unequivocal in its explicitness.

While the US has the gifted yet under-rated screen siren Patricia Clarkson, the Netherlands can count Renée Fokker as one of it’s visually stimulating stars. Actually, Patricia has even reprized the award-winning role Renée made famous in “Blind Date” directed by controversial filmmaker Theo van Gogh and it’s clear both have an immensely, engaging sultriness. Whether she’s arthouse or TV Darling, here’s an actress at her peak and we can anticipate more strong performances from the gorgeous Renée.

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