Rising Starlet: Jennifer Birmingham


With a major role on the upcoming satirical “House Of Lies” that stars Don Cheadle, JENNIFER BIRMINGHAM is likely to be your weekly addiction on TV. She joins Kristen Bell and Dawn Olivieri as the smart, intense femmes spiriting up Showtime’s newest series set in the cutthroat world where ruthless consultants call the shots. Just recently, you may have seen JENNIFER as the flirtatious divorcee Sarah on the very first episode of “Whitney” and she’s quite the breathtaking cutie. Soap fans do recall how natural she is in front of the camera, having seen her dazzle as a recurring guest on “Days Of Our Lives” and “The Young and The Restless”. There seems to be a dearth of juicy info on this gorgeous blonde when there should really be more! Turn to the web and she’s been spicing it up as Danielle, a snobbish heiress on “Just Off Rodeo” which has been lauded for its acerbic wit. So believable was Jennifer in the vapidity of her character, an interviewer once even wondered if Danielle or the real Jennifer would turn up during his face to face with the cast!

As an actress, that’s majority of the battle won when their performances can evoke such a response and you have to admit JENNIFER is a visual treat. One might have also chanced upon foxy pics of her as a Lingerie Bowl player wearing the sexy “uniform” of matching lace-trimmed bras, panties and garters we’ve been accustomed to. She may well be a darling on the small screen what with her also contributing voice duties on cult animated series “The Family Guy” and come 2012, she’ll sharpened her indie cred on the comedy “Straight A’s”. There’s some heavyweights in this one with True Blood’s Anna Paquin, Ryan Phillippe and Luke Wilson making up the numbers in this tale of pining love for the one that got away. On an impressive run, the vivaciously beautiful JENNIFER will set numerous hearts a flutter.

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