Sexy Siren: Tracy Phillips

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TRACY PHILLIPS is a striking agglomerate of risque sensuality and nostalgic radiance, a glamorpuss at the pinnacle of her feminine wiles. There’s an extroadinary woman! Those were the very words uttered when TRACY appeared in all her Belly Dancing glory from a scene in “Charlie Wilson’s War” where she beguiles leery eyes to further diplomatic ties. She followed that up with a tease of an appearance in “Hell Ride” clad in the most cleavage friendly of revealing black dresses. More recently in Reese Witherspoon’s “Water For Elephants”, besides pulling double duty as the movie’s choreographer, she is regarded as one of the hottest Coochie girls ever to dance onscreen. Extraodinary you say….now that a trait TRACY exemplified so aptly and she’s been enticing year on year. Now reminisce the time when she thrilled as the deathly goth girl with the swirling moves in “Helena”, the hit music video by My Chemical Romance. It’s evident back then that she was as influential as Gerard Way at making Goth so fashionably emo!

You may recognize TRACY as of the premier burlesque dancers around and she’s also the creator of the uniquely racy spectacle HARLOW GOLD that’s been the talk of town. Next Thursday will be the last show so head on over to Santa Monica to be aroused by a night of stimulating revelry. TRACY has often been regarded as an electric brunette and the day she began ravishing us in the world of striptease is something we won’t soon forget. Let’s hope she gets to be a seductive force in more features like how she fascinatingly was in the darkly glitz of “Dark Streets”. She’s poetry in motion of the sultriest kind.

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