Screen Siren: Jodi Carol Harrison

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JODI CAROL HARRISON is due for some avid recognition and with good reason as she’s been impressing in a series of underrated roles. November 16th 2011 is the very date she makes a splash on the hit show “CSI” which in Season 12 has introduced Ted Danson who seems to be TV Gold no matter the show he’s in (think his perversely bizarre spell on “Bored To Death”). This week’s episode of “CSI” entitled “Crime After Crime” has JODI cast as the crazy druggie Darlene and from what I’ve read, it’s likely going to be a recurring role on the massively popular procedural drama. Just like when Ted Danson started off as a character actor before striking it big on “Cheers”, JODI has been pouring her heart and soul into her performances ever so efficaciously. Moments of note include the hippie yet nurturing rendition as history teacher Mrs Greycloud in Gen-Y drama “Love In The Time Of Flannel” as well as being fittingly competent in several short films. When it comes to espousing JODI’s screen presence, we’ve guaranteed a truthful portrayal from her every time.

I’ve been told she’s always been obligingly sincere and she has channeled that innate honesty in chameleonic turns onscreen for some time. Furthermore, she’s one of the nicest ladies we can hope to connect with and as Karma so often dictates, she’s in for a run of success. Watch out for her in the new web series “Gossip Boy” premiering in December and while its plot may still be hush hush, chances are we’re going to see the gay lifestyle in a unique light. If you’re as ecstatic as me, then support the lovely JODI who is in line to entertain on more than just one media platform.