Blonde Bombshell: Nicole Watson

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It’s about letting the world know about the most ravishing upcoming starlets and the entertainment biz has come to identify NICOLE WATSON as delectable to a great extent. This stunning actress and international model who hails from Canada has flawless, milky skin that’s as smooth as silk, a highly covetable asset in an industry where beauty is regularly prized. Having modeled for top agencies including Elite and Ford Models, she’s well-traveled with her being the fashionable center of attention across more than 30 countries. This month alone there will be a celebration of two iconic figures, Marilyn Monroe and Vampires; The former via Michelle Williams as Cinema’s Renowned Sex Symbol in “My Week With Marilyn” and the latter by the sensation that is the “Twilight” saga. What better than to feature NICOLE who echoes the much exalted Blonde Pinup Girl so tastefully and coincidentally stars in the new Vampire movie “Shifter“. While she may not be a vamp in this one, she does partake in some strip poker of the tantalizing kind, a testament to her irresistibility I’m sure. The tried and tested formula of Babes and Bloodsuckers have been successful over the decades yet “Shifter” promises a fresh spin on the beloved genre and with NICOLE adding an extra tempting aspect, we can’t wait to catch the film.

NICOLE is someone with an eye on the world at large, a keen supporter of Green Incentives with the vision of incorporating her twin passions for acting and the environment some time in the near future. Brains (in this case her business acumen) and Beauty (the bubbly sensuality we can’t get enough of) are the endearing qualities that will install NICOLE as a performer with a global appeal. Credit to IMDB for having its column on Fresh Faces Of The Week but here, prominence is given unreservedly to hot newcomers everyone should know about, for in MISS NICOLE WATSON beats the heart of a vibrantly, foxy storyteller.

JUICY NEWS just in from NICOLE herself: She has a film showing in Perth Australia right now entitled “Bitter Art” where she’s playing Liza who shoots the man with a rose…sounds mighty intriguing and for the fact she’s ever so sumptuous in a black bikini…yup I happened upon a movie still of her and she’s damn sexy in it…;) She’s also starring in “Olson” which was written and directed by Dylan Avery, the creator of “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup” that hits the festival circuit this coming year and guess what, she’s a trophy wife on a mission of vengeance. Besotted with NICOLE yet? Well you will be in no time at all!

One thought on “Blonde Bombshell: Nicole Watson

  1. not only is she gorgeous but knowing Nicole for years I can reassure you that she is one of the nicest people I know! don’t be fooled by the blond hair! she’s smart smart smart! ox

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