Quirky Saucy: Rae Latt

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RAE LATT is quite the refined charmer and it’s her offbeat loveliness that will have her touching many hearts soon enough. This smily, gorgeous brunette has characterized wide-ranging personas on film, television and the internet, some which you may have come across already. She’s currently in the entertaining “Vamps Next Door”, the web series with an amusing bite, illustrating that ‘The Cullens’ are not the only ones sucking up to audiences! Enter the Tepes Family who try their hand at being human and keeping everything as bloodless as possible (like that’s ever going to happen…hehe). RAE adds a kooky flavor as NANCY FINSTER, the next door neighbor with nosy husband in tow who has no inkling of the bloodlust the Tepes have…the way she eloquently refers to their family name as ‘Tepesh’ is priceless! It’s easy to see why her first love has always been comedy for she’s a natural at depicting understated humor, snagging roles on shows such as “The Office”, “The Wanda Sykes Show” and “Victorious”. This year, she was a guess-starrer on the “Criminal Minds” episode ‘The Stranger’, sharing screen time opposite Mr Cool Joe Mantegna no less and playing a wife whose babysitter gets brutally killed in her home.

Born and bred in Southern California, RAE’s Latin/Eastern European roots gives her a distinctive quality to her attractiveness. The captivating virtues she has are twofold seeing how she’s also a funnywoman and we know how sexy they can be, transcending the physical aspects…:) While her forte lies in comedic roles, her appearance in the 80s-styled slasher “BLOODY HOMECOMING” will see her in much gorier fare. I don’t think we need much cajoling to appreciate this brown-eyed beauty. It might be the month of Breaking Dawn (Twilight Fever yet??) but this is also the time when breakout stars are made and there’s every possibility RAE can achieve such a prestige.

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