Quirky Saucy: Lindsay Beamish

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Adeptly producing some of the most understated yet compelling performances that’s of genuine pleasure, LINDSAY BEAMISH has always projected an offbeat magnetism. From her emo-lite, sharp blonde locks to her eclectic gamine features, she’s one who you might call an Edgy Sweetheart. Lauding underrated gems in the acting biz is paramount here and LINDSAY justifies sweet acknowledgement. I would have to say she owned the one-of-a-kind character Severin in “Shortbus”, her moody yet tender dominatrix more than compliments the uninhibited eroticness of the drama. The full-on orgy and female masturbation scenes might have been the talk of the town when “Shortbus” was first released but there’s no denying LINDSAY’s an absolute standout in the film. Brandishing her custom BDSM flogger, she doles out the pain (non-fatal of course) yet the anguish at her stagnation in life is thoroughly masked. Her intricate displays alone should by now have garnered her a worthy mention as one of the most memorable one can ever hope to see…and who will ever forget her partaking in some lesbian loving with Asian hottie Sook-Yin Lee…;)

Her upcoming feature may be titled “Forgetting The Girl” but there’s no overlooking LINDSAY, a giver of unique experiences, something she has driven home in all her roles thus far. Hearing that she’s playing an obsessive assistant of a headshot photog pushed into a jealous rage will pique the interest since she intimates maladjusted personalities with ease. She once said “My voice is relieved it got discovered” after winning the Iron Horse Literary Review’s Discovered Voices award in Non-fiction and you’ll recognize she brings stories to life on a range of mediums. Check out Lindsay’s cute impersonation of fellow author and screen cutie Miranda July in the video (above) as they discuss their erudite savviness. Indie darlings captivate the heart so much we can’t help but endorse LINDSAY BEAMISH.