Sizzling Cutie: Annie Lynne Melchor

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A flurry of stunning actresses is often met with euphoria and we’re more than obliged to take a liking to the radiant ANNIE LYNNE MELCHOR. As she has once noted before, her meaty stuff happens in the realm of theatre but her transition to television on the erotic anthology “Femme Fatales” is definitely just as tasty. While “Femme Fatales” became synonymous with its gratuitous offerings of skin by some of the most beautiful women in the world (whom I’m stoked to be in contact with!), kudos to ANNIE for bucking the trend by remaining clothed. Not that we need any persuasion to acknowledge her foxiness which was understated as per her role in the supernatural episode “Haunted”, although those exquisitely full lips and piercing sweetness of hers is still a surefire form of captivation. She of course starred as the intrepid Ghost Hunter Susan who resorts to an age-old exorcism ritual to banish a lusty demon residing in her colleague. Watch her scream with gusto and you have to admit that’s something magnetic when women are put into situations of the horrifying kind, especially when they’re appearing as more than just eye candy.

ANNIE was also in Ally Walker’s crime drama “The Protector” as Anna Pastore, an ex-girlfriend of a potential suspect in a murder mystery on the lake who reveals some perturbing details about him during an interrogation. This year, she also got to flirt with the hunky Sam Trammell on Season 4 of “True Blood” as well as being slated to appear in the pilot of “Key and Peele”, Comedy Central’s new sketch show. Early news has her playing a Blaxim Model (Maxim magazine parody perhaps) so will her saucier side emerge this time around? If you can’t wait then take a look around the ANNIE LYNNE MELCHOR OFFICIAL SITE for this darling glows with a pleasing, lovable charm in every one of her photos. No wonder, she’s been offered the ‘Hot Girl’ parts and expect them to grow in stature as her career progresses. A covetable starlet in the making you say….well trust me that’s ANNIE alright!