Rising Starlet: Emma Fitzpatrick

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Flaunting the boyish crop with such confident poise, EMMA FITZPATRICK has the in-born elegance to rise to the top as one of modern day’s most graceful personalities. This willowy young actress/model emphatically pulls off the pixie look with a measure of voguish sophistication, putting to bed the notion that short crops can’t be all the rage….especially in these times when eyes are trained on the bold hairstyle of one Rooney Mara in “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” remake and the deluge of actresses sporting the Audrey Hepburn-inspired snippy bangs. You’ll be able to catch EMMA’s distinctively soft femininity in a scene having a conversation with Justin Timberlake from the sci-fi parable on mortality and social status that is “In Time”. Now that’s twice she’s appeared alongside JT, having caught the eye as the girlfriend of his character Sean Parker in “The Social Network”. Apparently the Napster founder had a thing for brunettes (he has great taste) in his early years and with an adoring reference to EMMA so do we. How can one not savor EMMA’s waifish spunk, the likes of which Mia Farrow and Jean Seberg once exuded.

One of the most eagerly anticipated thrillers in 2012 has to be “The Collection” and this time the maniacal human herder has a lady in his sights, specifically the beautiful Elena played by EMMA. This being the sequel to “The Collector”, it’s another installment of booby-trapped visceral horror as the masked mastermind crafts more intricate games for his would-be prey and shoving the unfortunate ones into boxes. Can the hero from the first film Arkin save the life of Elena after he escapes the clutches of “The Collector” only to unwittingly cross path with the psycho yet again? Check out the sneak peek (above) that includes fascinating on-set experiences and interviews with director Marcus Dunstan, leading lady EMMA, Josh Stewart (Arkin, the accidental hero) and the cast….already you can assume the body count is way up there and the screams will echo long into the night! On a much brighter, melodious ‘note’, EMMA’s also the eclectic singer/songwriter of jazzy, retro pop duo The Mots Nouveaux who are performing at Molly Malone’s Pub in LA this Saturday. Rapidly being labeled as the hottest find in Tinseltown and having passionately sung “Why Not Me?” during one of her shows, we are discovering just why!

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