Canadian Vixen: Caroline Redekopp


Some actresses are entrancing from the first moment they grace the screen and CAROLINE REDEKOPP is instantly eye-catching. Never underestimate the smile of a woman and CAROLINE wears it in such a ravishing way, we are pleasantly mesmerized. When I first saw her in this year’s Franco-Canadian thriller “Territories”, she left quite a hold on me, leaving me pretty much intrigued. Away from the torture-porn and political heaviness (Gulf War syndrome and terrorism fears) of the flick, it’s nice to have a quieter reflection on life which CAROLINE ponders over as the waitress Doris. If you were all alone in a diner (as the scene above plays out), wouldn’t you want to be greeted by such a flirtatious charmer. Discern CAROLINE’s naughty/nice appeal which this festive Month of Christmas certainly celebrates. Surely it’s observable how she bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the hottest woman ever to grace TV Land (Go on, take a guess!). Hey Mister Casting Director you seem to have missed out on a Gem! Didn’t you make out CAROLINE’s resemblance to both Lynda Carter and the legendary comic heroine that is Diana Prince? In no way will an actress obsessor (moi) resort to knocking Adrienne Palicki’s take on TV’s ill-fated Wonder Woman although CAROLINE would have certainly made a fabulous Amazonian Princess.

Ensure a visit to the CAROLINE REDEKOPP OFFICIAL SITE where you will discover she’s already prevalent on television. You may have seen her as Karen Caldone, mother of Kay Panabakar’s character Samantha in “Cyberbully”, the ABC family drama that hits a raw nerve when it comes to depicting abuse on the internet. She’s also set to headline the TV Movie “September Runs Red” as woman who is beset by the condition aquaphobia that could have a deadly impact on her life. An enthralling premise with an equally fascinating leading lady is why we’ll find the time for some CAROLINE REDEKOPP devotion has indeed arrived…:)

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