Rising Starlet: Rachel Quinn



When the freshest faces of the film world are so often discovered, it’s because they excel in truthful performances and RACHEL QUINN did ever so admirably in “Megan Is Missing”. The dramatic thriller hits closer to home with its painfully realistic tale of the dangers lurking on the web as Megan, a sexually adventurous 14- year old gets abducted. As the jailbait Megan, RACHEL thrives on the wild side of her character who even confesses to giving her first blowjob at the age of ten! It’s the case of girls trying to grow up too fast, as a result careering straight into trouble as her seemingly innocent dalliances on the web cam turned to tragedy. Precocious teenage girls seem to attract the most undesirable elements and they’ve been depicted onscreen for quite some time. Think Dominique Swain, as the personification of youthful temptation of a grandpa in the remake of “Lolita” as was Ellen Page in “Hard Candy” although that film became harrowing in a hurry for the the horny paedophile. This time round, RACHEL culls that authenticity of a sexualized teen, revealing a promiscuity that would frighten the living hell our of parents. Then there’s her at the brutal end that’s hard to swallow; Perversely Bound and tortured, this is Hostel for the digital generation.

Having done theatre for years, the social networking cautionary tale “Megan Is Missing” was her debut film feature and from the oft, she’s been impressive, auguring well for her future ahead. You can catch her in the short film “Kaka Nirvana” (above) as a Hollywood type on a sometimes warped road of salvation after being dumped by her lover. Gravitating towards these dark roles means drawing on a tide of emotions and RACHEL has the wherewithal to convey them. With RACHEL, there’ll be plenty of ticks in the LIKE Column for this aspiring actress and we wish her all the best.

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