TV Vixen: Bridget Flanery


For the longest time, The Tube has been our gateway to the most strikingly beautiful women and Bridget Flanery is one to have the hots for thanks to her foxy features. Equally adept on stage (having been part of around 100 productions) or screen, it is on television that BRIDGET has distinguished herself, from her early years as the egotistic Lila of “Sweet Valley High” to consistently starring in a host of hit shows. Memorably, she guest-starred as one of two cuckolded women of leading man Jon Cryer in the pre-Ashion Kutcher “Two And A Half Men” and she did dazzle as a ravishing redhead in lingerie whilst having a bedside smooching with him. Well, she’s in fact a blonde ( which in my world is a huge plus!) yet hair color has no bearing on how saucy she’s always been and BRIDGET once even dyed her hair 3 different shades to get into character for a play, one of which was as a sexpot. I’m betting she can be just as sultry as newly minted crimson temptress Alexandra Breckenridge of “American Horror Story” fame whom by the way is naturally blonde. Only recently, she shared screen time with Rachel Bilson on the episode ‘The Pirate & The Practice’ from “Hart Of Dixie” playing Becky Hilson, mother to a boy with an unidentified ailment. Bridget may originally hail from the mid-western state of Iowa but she’s consummately captured the essence of the womenfolk at BlueBell, Alabama as well as anyone who’ve been on the drama series. She intimates the southern twang adorably throughout the episode she’s in, ensuring an ever growing trickle of devotion.

What about her eyes that are so immensely mesmerizing, the very pair she’s always regarded as her best assets? They do compellingly enhance the feminine air she projects and you can see her fine form in the near sell-out play “Onion Creek” happening every weekend. Day by day, BRIDGET is proving to the world that there’s another FLANERY (as opposed to Sean Patrick) making waves in the entertainment circle and personally speaking, Miss B has my utmost vote…:)