Rising Starlet: Lacy Phillips



Monster movies are definitely here to stay and central to its popularity is a cute leading lady, take for instance the crave-worthy LACY PHILLIPS. Her fetching face has a memorable exoticness and it was fitting that she was cast as a woman of Native American descent in “Maneater”. This thriller bases its story on the legend of Wendigos, not to be confused with the 2007 man-eating creature feature of the same name that had a ravenous tiger and the ruffled-looking Gary Busey. In this one, Dean Cain is Sheriff Harry Bailey investigating a spate of brutal murders that could be the work of a Wendigo and LACY is his chaste daughter Pearl who has desires to break free from her modest chains. With a hungry beast running loose and even hungrier hormones, one can understand why Harry’s concern for his dearest is the recurring theme in “Maneater” and the source for conflict. LACY acquitted herself well from the get-go, gentle as a flower at first as the virginal daughter and later on shedding her inhibitions in a beer-induced makeout session. Audiences should pine for LACY’s delicate sexiness. In fact we’re in infatuation territory when regaling the stunning yet gracious female cast which includes Nicole Moore, Allyson Kyler and Mercy Malick.

This year she appeared as a gangster moll in punk band Social Distortion’s prohibition era music video “Machine Gun Blues”. She’s yet another talent who would dazzle even on Terra Nova, prehistoric nor modernity no barrier to us embracing the sweetness etched on her face when she takes to the screen. Known for her slinky ways on the award-winning web series “Pushing Twilight”, her “Coyote Ugly” bar-top shaking and letting loose skin to skin with another girl in barely-there lingerie revealed the innate vixen in her. On top of that, LACY revels in creativity having been a short film director and now owner of vintage/handicraft products business KONE 10. LACY’s innovativeness adds an extra dimension to her appeal which is plentiful and why she’ll amass a huge fan base in no time.

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